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Queen Meresankh III (late 4th Dynasty)

Skull model for Meresankh III

Queen Meresankh III (Egyptian mr = s-ankh) was an Ancient Egyptian Queen of the 4th Dynasty (Old Kingdom,

lifespan c. 2620/10–2570 BC).


Her lifespan is reconstructed from the death date in her tomb (1st year,
Shemu-season, 21st day, probably under King Menkaure) and a new astronomical dating model, dating this year c. 2570 BC (Gautschy et al. 2017).


She was the daughter of Crown-prince Kawab (possibly a son of King Khufu or King Seneferu) and Queen Hetepheres II, a daughter of King Khufu.


She has an ususually broad head and elongated cranium, probably suffering from the rare Silent Sinus Syndrome.

Photographs of her skull were converted to a 3D model, reconstructing additional anthropological measuring points.

The facial reconstruction was made by using mean values for female soft tissue.


Skull model for Meresankh III
Meresankh III face reconstruction
Meresankh III face reconstruction

Reconstruction of the facial type of Queen Meresankh III. without any age signs as they are unknown. Dark eye colour was assumed due to her Egyptian origin. 

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