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Unknown Woman from Royal Cachette DB 320


Skeletonized mummy of a young woman from the royal cachette Deir el-Bahari DB 320 (Cairo CG 61076)

G. E. Smith estimated her to be c. 21 years of age and dated her to the late 18th Dynasty (Amarna period)


Baqt face reconstruction (6).bmp
Baqt face reconstruction (7).bmp

Cicero Moraes modified a standard female head to a 3D model of CG 61076. She has an elongated skull similar to Tutankhamun or Akhenaton. The mandible of CG 61076 is also unusual for a female

Mummy Cairo CG 61076 Baqt potentially Baketaton or Ankhesenamunskull tissue final face reconstruction

Soft tissue was modelled on the skull following mean thickness at several anthropological measuring points.

The fact that the unknown woman comes from a royal cachette and is dated to the later 18th Dynasty makes her a potential candidate for an Amarna Princess. 

Possible candidated might be:

  • Meritaton

  • Baketaton

  • Ankhesenamun


We strongly suggest that her remains should be genetically tested and compared to the family members of Tutankhamun.

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Mummy Cairo CG 61076 Baqt potential Amarna princess     Face reconstruction
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