Historical reenactment

Pretorian Guard (cohortes praetoriae) Reenactment (2011-2013)

Representation of a Praetorian guard (Cohors V Praetoria) from the 2nd half of the 1st century.

The helmet and sword are deliberately antique to express the venerability of the guard (Coolus D helmet around 30-10 BC, Gladius type Leiden).

Chain mail with shoulder doubler, oval scutum, but smaller than the republican scutum.

Belt with silver fittings.





Macedonian Phalangite reenactment

(Μακεδονική φάλαγγα ) (2014-today)

Change of the reenactment hobby to Macedonian phalangite from the time of Alexander III the Great around 330-320 BC.

Phalanx experiment of the Hetairoi reenactment group at the Heuneburg in 2014




Attic-Thracian helmet
Scaled armour with shoulder doubler
Kophis Sword
Macedonian Pelte
Macedonian sarissa, c. 5 meters long





Macedonian hypaspist (Ὑπασπιστής 'shield-bearer')

Attic-Thracian helmet
Chrysothorax (muscle armour)
Xiphos sword
Macedonian Aspis (ἀσπίς) shield (c. 80 cm diameter)
Normal length spear (2.4 meters)


Greek Hoplite of the Classical period

Corinthian Helmet



Larger and heavier Aspis






Brenkhausen: Tage der Ägyptologie (Conference) Ancient Egyptian Fashion Show (2016)


Daniela Rutica

Two charming sisters from the Coptic community in Brenkhausen

Georgette and Marina


both dresses as Queens of the New Kingdom

Tamara in a red strap dress and white shash-belt in the style of the New Kingdom (Queen Isis-Nofret

Melanie in a green strap dress and bead-net-dress in the style of the Middle Kingdom (Princess Sat-Hathor-Iunet)


Fashion show organized by Daniela Rutica and myself


Leopard skin (imitation), bag tunic and linen kilt



Princess Sat-Hathor-Iunet

(Middle Kingdom)::

Coloured strap dress (green was popular at that time) and bead-net dress



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